The Breakdown – Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

This is the debut episode of The Breakdown. A webshow where my friends and I get together and discuss a scene from a movie. What do we learn? What makes this scene from Anatomy of a Murder (1959) so incredible? What can we take from this masterpiece? Check it out, subscribe so you don’t missContinue reading “The Breakdown – Anatomy of a Murder (1959)”

Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategies and Leadership on Masterclass

Running Time: 2hrs and 10min.  Lessons: 13 The timing is great. This class was released a day after Disney + launched, so if you’re excited about the future of Disney and want to learn more about what makes this company successful, this is the class that will answer a lot of great questions. However, don’tContinue reading “Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategies and Leadership on Masterclass”

Spike Lee’s Masterclass on Independent Filmmaking – A Review

Spike Lee Teaches Independent Filmmaking Running Time: 3:12:23 (3+ hours) Topics discussed: Working with your D.P., writing, working with actors, music, and editing. Love him or hate him, Spike is always interesting, and his love of cinema is contagious. Through his experience, you learn to work within your style while he also encourages your collaborative style. SpikeContinue reading “Spike Lee’s Masterclass on Independent Filmmaking – A Review”