Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategies and Leadership on Masterclass

Running Time: 2hrs and 10min. 

Lessons: 13

The timing is great. This class was released a day after Disney + launched, so if you’re excited about the future of Disney and want to learn more about what makes this company successful, this is the class that will answer a lot of great questions. However, don’t expect him to answer or give explanations on some of his questionable Star Wars decisions. I am kidding, of course, but part of me wanted him to cop up.
I wanted to take this class in combination with reading Bob Iger’s new book, which is also good and will give you a lot more information than this class.

What do we learn from this class?
The class is broken up well and always has an excellent summary after each lesson, which I loved. You listen to Iger giving you advice about how he delegates his time, how he leads people, what his expectations are of himself and other people, and how to make decisions.

Topics Discussed?
What is success, branding, time management, and case studies on Pixar, Marvel, and Disney +.

What’s the best advice I learn?
I loved his take on perfectionism. Perfectionism has a lot of negative connotations and for a good reason. You can kill yourself trying to be perfect. However, Iger explained that perfectionism is doing better when you know you can do better. For yourself, you may be doing a project that you give your all, but down the road, you learn something new that could have made that project better. Does that mean your first attempt you didn’t do your best? No. You did the best you could with the resources you had at the time. However, if during the project, you can take the time to do better, you should, even if that means delaying its release. I’ve done that with many projects, and I’m grateful for it. Time and resources are the key. Perfectionism doesn’t mean you keep exhausting yourself, putting things off until they’re right. It means you do the very best you can always.

Is it worth $90?
Get his book. I will say that. Then if you feel you need more, get this as well. If you have the annual subscription to Masterclass, this is a definite yes. But as a stand-alone, no. I love Iger, and I love his advice. However, it’s not necessarily new advice. If you read business books from guys like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferris, Donald Miller, and even Bill Iger’s new book, then you’ve gotten this information in some way.

Check out the class here:

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